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ng rivers and watercour▓ses. Besides on the first day of White Dew, people also hold sacrificial rites for Da Yu on the eighth day of the first lunar month, on Tomb-sweeping Day, and ▓on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on WechatLos Angeles busin▓ess leaders call for sound China

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-U.S. tradeLos Angeles bu▓siness leaders call for sound China-U.S. tradeLos Ang▓eles business leaders call for sound China-U.S. trade09-07-2018 21:05 BJTLOS ANGELES -- Dozens of concerned business leaders have gathered here to attend a trade▓ seminar aimed at shining a light in the l▓ong economic shadow cast by the China-U.S▓. trade frictions."When Washington leadership is

so unce▓rtain, we need to work together to create our own bridges," Pin Tai, President and CEO of Cathay Bank -- one of the co-hosts of the seminar held ▓Wednesday -- told Xinhua.In his keynote speech, Dr. W▓illiam Yu, a senior economist with the University of▓ California, Los Angeles (UC

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    LA) Anderson Forecast, delved into the current state of affairs in▓ China-U.S. trade, a topic much

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San Francisco, CA 33131 USA w. Pe▓ople Get Directions
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on the minds of his liste▓ners.UCLA Anderson Forecast is the leading ▓source of economic analysis for business, government and the academic community and applie▓s its expert e

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conomic modeling and analytic te▓chniques to a wide-variety of projects.Yu ran through the laundry-list of issues that spar

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it, tariff and non-tariff

trade barriers, China's domestic markets, intellectual propert▓y issues, and China's industrial policies. He▓ counseled

for a fair, negotiated approach to resolving these issues."For the American people, I would say you probably need to

prepare -- there will be bit higher prices in terms of consumer goods made in China. Eventually, maybe more of them ?/p>

坵ill be made in other countries like Vietnam, the Ph▓ilippines, Indonesia, but in a short run you wi▓ll see a higher price ta

g," he warned."For small businesses, if you are doing import-export, you re▓ally need to have a backup plan on how to adjust your supply chain," he added.Participants agreed that tariffs are a

double-edged sword since, in this age of g▓lobalization, many U.S. business supply chains rely heavily on other countries' raw materials and labor to source and manufacture their own products, particularly China's.In California, the tariffs are

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reducing exp▓ort and consumption of key U.S. commodities, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain, wine -- all major▓ exports for

California and the U.S. Midwest.There were co

ncerns among the business owners an

d bankers who atte▓nded, whose businesses will feel the brunt of the trade ▓frictions.The two sponsori

ng entities of the seminar, China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) and Cathay Bank, are leaders in s

ervicing the Chinese American business communities and fostering business ties between the United Stat

es and China.CGCC is touted as the largest and most influential non-profit organization representing Chinese enterpri▓ses in the United States. Its 1,500 members share a focus ▓on renewable energy, trade, finance, real estate and aerospace, and include 54 companies ranked o

n the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list.Their website reports that CGCC Chinese member companies are collectively

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